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To ensure consistent quality, we invest in the future. We also keep sight of the importance of health, safety and sustainability.

Vehicle fleet

WasstraatTechnology never stands still, and vehicles are becoming safer, more economical and better equipped. Our fleet consists of more than 50 modern vehicles, equipped with Euro 4, 5 and 6 engines. All our vehicles are fitted as standard with a fixed telephone, alarm, navigation (tracking & tracing) and equipment for hazardous goods (ADR). We have our own vehicle-washing facility, because clean vehicles are a good advertisement for us, for you and for your customer.


Our employees are well-trained and motivated. Good working conditions contribute to the health and welfare of the staff and the company. In consultation with our staff, we try to create an ideal, healthy workplace for everyone.


To guarantee our service and quality, we hold various forms of certification:
• ISO9001
• GMP+
• VIHB waste transport (NIWO)
• accredited practical training company
Annual audits are held to maintain the quality of our certification. These audits are performed by accredited independent bodies to ensure objectivity.

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