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Rijnart International Transport stores your goods professionally and expertly, taking your specific requirements into account. In addition to storage and transfer, we offer Value Added Logistics (VAL). Our complete solutions meet all your logistical requirements regarding storage, transfer and, order and stock management.

Storage and transfer

Anything that we transport for you, we can also store. Rijnart International Transport has a warehouse of over 12,000 square metres, secured to the highest standards. We use modern techniques such as access control, camera systems, and fire and intrusion protection systems on our premises. All your production and/or goods stock can be stored with us. Our warehouse in Roosendaal is very centrally located between Rotterdam and Antwerp, near several arterial roads and the two largest ports in Europe.

Value Added Logistics

As well as the transport and storage of your goods, Rijnart International Transport also has expertise in Value Added Logistics or VAL activities. With these additional logistics services, we can take care of your goods handling from A to Z, or just part of the process. Our team will be happy to devise a solution with you so as relieve you of as many tasks as possible. By outsourcing certain activities, you can save money and eliminate unnecessary and expensive adjustments to your own processes.

We can offer you the following activities:
• packaging, repackaging and sealing
• splitting or combining
• labelling and tagging
• making products or pallets ready for dispatching
• stock management
• order processing
• quality control
• EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

These activities are just some examples of what we can offer. In consultation with you we can offer the most effective solution.

Warehouse Management System

To optimise efficiency and relieve the customer of as many chores as possible, we use a Warehouse Management System (WMS). Using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) it is possible for you to manage your stock in our warehouse.

Racking/Shelving storage

By making use of racking/shelving storage, we allow our customers to store non-stackable and fragile goods as efficiently as possible. The advantage of this is that we can make optimal use of our storage capacity.