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About us

Rijnart International Transport, which has always been a family business, has been active in the transport sector for over 75 years.

Our team

The planning department is the focal point of our organisation. To work optimally, we use an automated planning system to which the latest onboard computer systems are linked. This enables our planners to stay in constant contact with the drivers, so we can keep to the agreed delivery times.


The company was founded by Piet Rijnart in 1939. The family business has always been based in Roosendaal, an ideal location between the major port cities of Rotterdam and Antwerp. The period 1929-1940 is known as the ‘crisis years’. The post-war period saw rapid development, and the economy grew.

Since 2008, the global economy has been struggling. Many companies have been affected by the crisis. With its combination of long-standing experience and a young and dynamic management team, Rijnart has managed to make the right decisions. Rijnart has recently invested heavily in a new fleet. The Rijnart team has a level-headed, clear understanding of the complexity of the logistics world, and this enables it to anticipate market developments shrewdly.


  • 1963

    First foreign transport, to France

  • 1970

    Creation of Rijnart France

  • 1971

    Relocation to Neutronweg 2 in Roosendaal

  • 1972

    First transport to Iran, for Philips Medical Systems

  • 1982

    First volume combi (120 m³) brought into use

  • 1991

    Opening of new market for transport to Eastern Europe following fall of Berlin Wall

  • 1993
    Creation of Rijnart Logistics
  • 1997

    Creation of Rijnart Enterprises Ltd.

  • 1999

    Creation of Rijnart Transport GmbH

  • 2003
    100e Scania is bought
  • 2006

    Acquisition of business by the third generation of the Rijnart family

  • 2007
    Opening of new office, warehouse and crossdocks
  • 2014
    75th anniversary of the company